Monday, January 23, 2017

In the Beginning

Kelly's Garden
    In the beginning there was very little time, very little money, and a whole lot of need. I think most people I know and from whom I've learned from started from exactly this situation. Now my own kids are nearing this stage in life and the many lessons I've learned may not be passed down to them because of time, money and distance.  There are so many times I wish I could just call up my mother in law to ask her a question, but she has long since passed on.  So for my own daughters I thought I would put together little projects and lessons here for a time when they are ready to learn. I hope anyone else visiting might also benefit.

   Since I am interested in teaching a beginners quilt class, I am throwing that in here as well as little projects like a needle case, sewing kit, lunch sack etc. None of these projects need for you to go out and buy any sewing machine or new fabric (unless you can afford such). They are not really a necessity. The only things really required is a willingness to learn and think outside the box, a pencil, ruler, needle (preferably a quilter's size 10), thread, old material (clothes, sheets, towels, tablecloths) that can be re-purposed. Over the years I have have used many things by necessity and sometimes just for curiosity to see what something might look like.

   In the interest of full disclosure, I have never taken a quilt class in my life, unless you count all the wonderful lessons by my mother in law.  The only sewing class I took was in Jr. High back in the late 1970s (yes, Methuselah and I are on a first name basis) and my mother's guidance on those projects required to pass that class. (I truly wish I had paid better attention).  However, I have had years of practical experience sewing, quilting, blogging and research. A little photography and teaching experience and a great desire to see others see what wonderful things they can create when they didn't think they were capable of it. So if this is something you can live with, read on. I have lots to share!

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